Local 338 is an amalgamated union representing four separate bargaining units: Kaiser Aluminum - production/maintenance and clerical/technical workers, Kaiser Alutek workers, and LB Foster pre-cast/railroad ties division workers. We number more than 1000 private sector members who work primarily in manufacturing industries in North Eastern Washington.

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Do we have your current address and phone number? Itís important that we have your correct contact information if we need to get in touch with you. Itís also important to update who your designated beneficiary is whenever change occurs. Your pension and life insurance plans will only pay-out to the person you last designated as your beneficiary. On occasion we have been asked to help a spouse or dependant of a deceased member apply for benefits only to find out that the employee failed to list them as the beneficiary. Take time today to protect your family and intended beneficiary by contacting us here at the union hall.

Local 338
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