Local 338 is an amalgamated union representing four separate bargaining units: Kaiser Aluminum - production/maintenance and clerical/technical workers, Kaiser Alutek workers, and LB Foster pre-cast/railroad ties division workers. We number more than 1000 private sector members who work primarily in manufacturing industries in North Eastern Washington.


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Department Grievers

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Trentwood Production & Maintainenance
P & M Chair, Joe Schwindt

Casting, John Nikkula
Electrical, T'Sharra Parkhurst
Hotline, David Jarvis
Machine Shop, Robert Cook
MCC, Mike Murphy
Plate, Dave Hill
Roll Shop, Matt Miller
Sheet, Tom Rice
Vechicle Maintenance, Ray Meredith
Works Repairers, Mark Huffman
WasteWater, Mark Huffman
Boiler House, Mark Huffman
Weld Shop,
Adam Bodeau

Contracting Out, Mark Huffman

Trentwood Clerical & Technical
C & T Chair, Jim Edwards
PT Lab, Jeremy Cruz
Manufacturing, Doug Fox
Chem Lab,


Alutek Chair, Sam Mendez


CXT Building 7, Rick Mayfield