Local 338 is an amalgamated union representing four separate bargaining units: Kaiser Aluminum - production/maintenance and clerical/technical workers, Kaiser Alutek workers, and LB Foster pre-cast/railroad ties division workers. We number more than 1000 private sector members who work primarily in manufacturing industries in North Eastern Washington.


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Idaho Legislation & Education
Dale Broadsword

Idaho L & E Report


In June the Idaho AFL-CIO Convention in Boise, Idaho was held. The convention was also our COPE (committee on political education). Every other year our convention is held in Boise so we can review and either endorse or not endorse candidates. This is done by the questionnaires that were turned into the Central Labor Councils in each district, or the candidates coming to speak to the councils. Then the councils decide which candidates we would like the body of the convention to endorse or not endorse; this is decided by a majority vote. It is not decided by one person it is decided in committee and then taken to the convention floor and debated again to see if we endorse each and every candidate.

At this convention we endorsed Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, and Independent candidates. If you would like to see the full list of endorsed candidates go to the Idaho AFL-CIO web page; there has been a couple of candidates that received our endorsement since convention. A list is also available at the union hall.

There was a resolution to amend the constitution that was hotly debated. The amendment was to allow the president the latitude to reduce fees for new affiliates, and then rise to full dues by 3 years. We are stronger when we are all united to help grow the Idaho AFL-CIO.

They also hold the IDARA convention in conjunction of the Idaho AFL-CIO convention. This stands for Idaho Alliance of Retired Americans. This is a national organization thru the AFL-CIO.

I am a candidate for Idaho State Senate District 2. On July 25th a fundraiser, sponsored by the North Idaho Central Labor Council, was held at the Hauser Gun Club. There were several union members in attendance and I hope they all had a great time.

Spent some time at the local city celebration days and most of the people I talked to say they are ready for change. Especially when I let them know my opponent has been a legislator for 18 years. He had 4 terms in the Montana House of Representatives (1995-2002) and now 8 years in the Idaho Senate (2010-2018). My campaign is focused on change, with education and labor running close behind.

Dale R. Broadsword
L & E representative for Idaho
Candidate for Senate seat in District 2 for Idaho